The Directors Message..

The Directors Message..


Hello again everyone,

As we approach Thanksgiving week I was reflecting on all the things that I and CMG has to be thankful about.  Next year will we will celebrate our 20th year of service to the community.  Certainly that’s one of the things we are most thankful for.  Through the 20 years we’ve served nearly 2,000 high school aged youth, 350 middle school aged youth (just in the last two years), and many thousands of adults through various programs. But what really makes that special to us is the realization that none of it happen through our own efforts, but from the effort and the generosity of this wonderful Tampa community that continues to support our efforts.

There are way too many supporters to do a complete list here, but we truly appreciate all of you.  I do want to mention some of the newest members of that family which recently responded to assist us with our (still pending) match grant and our Teen Business Challenge event coming up in February.  They are AgileThought (thanks Vonita and Nicole and company) and Vology (thanks Amy, Marie and company).  We really appreciate it.  You’ve certainly set us up to have a truly thankful Thanksgiving.

Ralph A. Smith

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