Thank you Hivelocity Data Center!

Thank you Hivelocity Data Center!

STEM Corps summer program visits Hivelocty


One of the most important experiences of the STEM Corps summer program is for the students to get out into the IT world and see how things actually work.  We had a great experience at Hivelocity, led by Steve Eschweiler, the Director of Operations. The students were taking on a tour of the facility – which is amazing! – but the students were also taken on a journey through what it takes to turn an idea, a closet and hard work to one of the region’s premier data centers.

Steve was genuinely interested in letting the students know that if they had the passion, drive and willingness to learn new things, they too can achieve their goals.  And he backed it up!  

Hivelocity generously donated a virtual server to support our student’s education in web design and development.  CMG will use this server to house websites built by our students as a sandbox environment and shared server platform for local not-for-profits and small companies that are program web clients.  Students will be able to grow as web designers on the front end, and back end – as well as from the project management experience they receive serving their clients.

Thank you, Steve – and the whole team at Hivelocity for helping CMG meet our mission to empower our students with tech skills and tools, so they can compete in the creative economy.  It is help from local partners like you that not only create success stories, but also a healthy IT pipeline.

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