Testimonial – Sue, Grandparent



My grandson, Charlie, enrolled in your program this summer.  He is 16 years old and his been on medication for attention deficit disorder for over five years. I expected him to gain experience with computers (and he did). But I have been even more impressed in other changes he has made over the summer.
One of the first things I noticed was an improvement in his sense of responsibility. It shocked when he thought I would be late getting him there one morning. He thought we would be about five minutes late and wanted to call and tell you we would be late because they were expected to be there on time. (He wasn’t late.)
Charlie hasn’t had a great deal of self-confidence, so I was surprised when he came home the second week saying that he had completed certification in Access. He was on cloud nine.
He has always had difficulty asking for help when he needs it, so I was happy to learn that he was readily asking for help when in ran into some issues with the app he was making.
I was shocked to learn that he wasn’t taking his ADD medications and was doing so well. I took him to his neurologist just before school started and asked if this meant that he didn’t need as much medication. [His doctor] said that if is interested enough in what he is doing he doesn’t need the medication. Thanks for presenting the material in such an interesting manner.
My friends were impressed that he was given the chance to have a supervised meeting with his client when he was given the task of creating an app. (They told me that this is an important opportunity that, as professionals, they are frequently not given.)
Sue, Grandmother