Testimonial – Math Teacher, Legacy Prep Academy


Below you’ll find the transcript of an interview conducted with a teacher from Legacy Preparatory Academy.  Currently Legacy Prep is running the 1st semester version of the KidsCode Program for schools.  The program has yielded some surprising results.  Here is the interview with Mrs. Delma Fryer, a math teacher at Academy Prep.:

Q. What do you think of the program?
A. I’m a math teacher and always telling the kids about how important STEM is because that is where the jobs are going to be.  I’ve also been telling them that instead of just playing the games they need to know how to create the games.

We have all different levels of kids and they are all able to do well.  I had concerns and have been watching to see how some of the low level kids would do and was amazed that some of the lower level kids are actually taking on the role of teaching some of the other kids.

Q. Have you seen changes in any of the students?
A. Yes.  A couple of the kids from last year, who we always had to speak to parents about, are in the program.  I have seen changes in both attitude and academic performance.  This year I’ve been able to tell parents how proud we are of these kids.  It has been a marked difference.

Q. Would you recommend this program to others?
A. Yes, and for kids of all levels. Some of higher performing kids had seemed disinterested but when you look at their results, they are doing well.  And I like how it works for all the different levels.  We have both 5th and 8th graders in these sessions, and both are able to perform and learn.

I’m surprised how well it is doing.  With this sort of a “hands on” activity, some of these kids just “took off”.  It’s working very well at our school.

Q. What would you change?
A. The only problems we’ve had is access to the Internet and the slowness of the computers and the Internet at our facility.  If it could be more “Standalone”, I would like that.
As for the way the program is run, I would like to see more opportunity of the kids that get proficient to teach other kids.