The Countdown has begun!

April 29th – May 1st, 2022

This event will be conducted virtually (via Remo) with an in-person award ceremony at the end.

The registration deadline is coming up soon: April 1st

What is the Teen Business Challenge?

The annual Teen Business Challenge is a weekend-long technology event filled with new experiences, engaging activities, and critical thinking challenges that turn our young participants into business-minded innovators.



This year’s theme is Cyber Security!



Participating teens are guided, coached, and motivated throughout the event by a team of volunteers that work in the Cyber Security and Information Technology sector. These volunteers empower the teens with skills and tech to team up and compete in five challenges that earn their team points, and the team with the most points wins.



The Teen Business Challenge and its 4 challenges are all about creating a fictional business. The learning outcomes revolve around three core competencies – collaboration, creative thinking. and communication – rooted in the five challenges:


  • The Big Idea Challenge (Sponsored by ConnectWise)– Creative problem-solving
  • The Biz Model Challenge (Sponsored by Citibank)– Concept modeling
  • The MVP Challenge (Sponsored by Microsoft)– Product Modeling
  • The Pitch (Sponsor TBD)– Organizing Ideas and Communicating Clearly


The Teen Business Challenge program at Computer Mentors Group is powered by volunteers with education, entrepreneurial and community empowerment backgrounds. They help us create the talent, business acumen, and engagement that is necessary for a great Teen Business Challenge!

An example video application from a member of last year's winning team:

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