Student Project – Positive Spin Info-video by Mohammed


Computer Mentors Group is excited about our student Mohammed’s video that he created for Positive Spin. He worked very hard and really told the story and showed the positive impact the organization has in our community.

Their mission:

We are a neighborhood partnership agency that works to help all children live stable healthy lives by strengthening families. We primarily focus on families living in 33610 and 33605 zip code areas by offering a variety of youth services and programs, parental support, and assistance for families while also providing referrals and linkage to other services and innovative partnering to enhance family and neighborhood development. Positive Spin provides a myriad of services, including housing assistance, childcare support, family counseling, and job training and placement assistance. In addition, Positive Spin helps families with basic living needs – furniture, transportation, clothing, emergency food and utility assistance.

Go to their website at for more information.