Student Project – Forever Free Mission Website by Kenny

ffm Forever Free gives food and shares the message of God’s love with anyone in need including many families, single parents, and children. Every other Saturday at New Harmony Church and every day during the week, bags and boxes loaded with fresh vegetables, fruit, breads, pastries, sandwiches, sweets are freely given to the inner city Ybor neighborhood and various ministries. A former drug addict who is now one of our volunteer’s assists with bagging food and signing them in at a service, says bringing food to the hungry “makes you smile and feel good because you are doing something for the people who really need it…they are so grateful.” That’s why this service represents more than just food. For many hungry neighbors, we’re delivering hope.

Kenny, our STEM Corps web design student, completed his third community project this week.  Kenny built a website that will help Forever Free Mission provide more services to uplift the community. He also created a MailChimp e-newsletter template and the first newsletter, complete with content, is created by Kenny and going out for distribution today!  These services will help keep the community aware of Forever Free Mission’s events and good deeds.

Please visit the website for more information: