Student Project – Early Childhood Tracking App


Click the image to view the mobile site

Early Childhood Council of Hillsborough County received a mobile website for parents of young children, an initiative led by Greg VanPelt. The site is optimized for mobile devices and allows a parent to input information (current date and child’s DOB), and is then provided with a snapshot of key developmental milestones, appropriate developmental activities and potential red flags based on the calculated age range of the child.

Charles, a STEM Corps student created the mobile site, led by his mentor Nyjel Dukes from Computer Mentors Group. The team used JavaScript to code the calculations. Nyjel would design the code and then show Charles how to create it himself.

Through use of the app, parents and other caregivers can identify what their young child should be doing developmentally, how they can help their child grow, and concerns that they should be communicating to their pediatrician.

Greg stated that this project was valuable to his clients, the community and Charles, “Through providing them to opportunity to help develop an application that provides important information to parents of infants and young children in a way that takes advantage of a medium that most people have access to and utilize to get information.”