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Student Mentoring

Points Possible: 300

During the Student Mentor phase of the STEM Corps program you will help your friends, learn how to use a timesheet to track the work you do, develop your first resume, and apply for scholarships, college, and/or and internship.

A Helping Hand


A. Learn

  • Identify peers in the class who are struggling with their certification or need some motivation to complete a project.
  • Sit with the peer and see how you can help them.
  • Avoid doing the assignment for them, but offer words of encouragement and explain to the best of your ability.

One of the best ways to reinforce what you know is by teaching someone else!

B. Create

  • Click here to download your timesheet!
  • Open the timesheet in Excel and work with a Mentor to help you fill it out after each class.
  • Email the timesheet to yourself at the end of each night, that way you can always have it no matter which computer you are using that night.

C. Evaluate

  • Once your timesheet has 10 entries logged email it to mfrisco@computermentors.org
  • Use this document to rate how you did in your role as a Mentor.

Your Future

College Enrollment & Internship Opportunities

Where do you see yourself in five years?

A. Learn

Check out this website, which provides answers to common questions.

B. Create

1. Identify the top 3 colleges you want to attend and discuss your choices with a Mentor.

2. Identify three back-up colleges. Talk it over with a Mentor. Take notes in your folder, if needed.

3. In your folder, write down the colleges you are going to apply to. Do all of these colleges have the program you want? Which ones most closely match? Is location important to you? Keep in mind, out-of-state colleges cost a lot more, and moving away could revoke a Bright Futures Scholarship.

4. Go to the college websites and see what it takes to apply. What are the application fees to apply? Do you need high school transcripts? These are list items you will need to bring in if you want us to help you apply.

5. If you are looking to find an internship to help explore the many different career opportunities available to you, sign up at internships.com.

C. Evaluate

Use this document to rate how you did in your role as a Mentor.

The Resources

Scholarship & Resume

In this section we will identify scholarships and/or create an outstanding resume!

A. Learn

Did you know there are scholarships out there for your specific talents and skills? If you don’t have an account already, sign-up and create a profile at Fastweb.com.

B. Create

1. In your folder, Identify the scholarships you’d like to apply for and their due dates.

2. With help from a Mentor, pick the highest priority scholarships and apply!

C. Evaluate

Use this document to rate how you did in your role as a Mentor.