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Student Highlight

Student Highlight

ae7f3ce9-2ae2-4f3c-8838-617820dfc714Charlie Santo began at Computer Mentors in the summer of 2014 while attending Middleton High School.  He participated in the summer program and continued into our year-round program studying Mobile App Development.  By the following summer, Charlie was volunteering each day helping others as they participated in the same Mobile App program.  This past summer, Charlie also helped with
, teaching middle school students how to create their own games using a drag-and-drop interface.
Charlie also participated in the 2015 Teen Business Challenge, in which he worked on Team Red, a group of high school aged peers tasked with coming up with the next big business idea.  He is now interning at Lucayan Technology Solutions and will be attending HCC in the Spring with a focus on Software Development for Game Design.

Great job, Charlie!  And thank you very much Lucayan Technology Solutions!

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