STEM Corps summer program in full swing

STEM Corps summer program in full swing

Picture of STEM Corps summer program kids having fun

STEM Corps summer program having fun at WTTA

The STEM summer program – an intensive version of the after-school program – is in full swing.  Students have earned their certification, and are now learning the technology skills in videography, mobile app dev, and web design they need to create projects for community organizations.

In addition to learning the skills, they have already had two great field trips, one to WTTA guided by Kory and Lauren and the other by Steve at the Hivelocity data center.

“My favorite part was when we played with the cameras and were acting silly on the screen,” said Teshaara, a 14-year-old student from Tampa Bay Tech high school.  She and the other students were allowed to go on set and learn from the WTTA crew how a television broadcast was produced, in front and behind the scenes.

Not only the students on the video tech track, but the whole program benefited from being a part of a real production environment.

STEM Corps summer program visiting Hivelocity Data Center

STEM Corps summer program visiting the Hivelocity Data Center

When asked about the data center, Jonathan, a 16-year-old student from Middleton High school, said his favorite part of visiting the data center was, “seeing all the servers and learning how the data center is protected from fire by the raised floors.”

The students received a first hand look at what exactly the cloud is, and how we use it everyday.

The goal of these field trips is to make these technologies come to life, and allow the students to meet the people who have chosen these IT careers.


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