September 2016 Executive Director’s Message

September 2016 Executive Director’s Message

3aa33361-7f27-4f97-acdb-d878dfc2ee90Hello everyone,

Thank you again for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We are very pleased to be able to tell you about an internship for one of our students at Lucayen Technology Solutions.  Thank you very much Mr. Ricardo Burrage Sr. and staff for making this possible.

But this month I need to make an appeal.  We are currently in the midst of our Fall Board Member Fundraising Campaign.  Each of our Board members is attempting to raise $1,000 to support our programs.  We are matching this with a challenge grant from Conn Memorial Foundation.  Conn will provide a dollar for dollar match for the first $15,000 we raise in this campaign.  The bad news is that we only have until November to be able to take advantage of this match, so we are asking you to support your favorite Computer Mentors Board Member by going to our website ( and choosing the menu item “Donate ->  Current Board Directed Campaign” and selecting your favorite Board member to make your contribution to.  

Also, one other thing that I wanted to do this month.  I like to give a “shout out” to a couple of awesome volunteers.  Anthony (Tony) Yeoman, Hommy Rosado, Kenny Zoodsma, Tim Hieberlein and Steven Stasiukiewicz, all spent a couple of nights brainstorming with us on the direction of our training program for 2017.  Also between the brainstorming sessions a couple of these guys are working one-on-one with youth in the program.  We really appreciate having dedicated professional volunteers to assist us with mentoring and program design.

Best regards,

Ralph Smith

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