September 2015 Student Highlight

September 2015 Student Highlight

Student Tasharra Smith

Student Tasharra Smith

Name: Teshaara Smith

Age: 15

Grade and School: sophomore, Tampa Bay Technical High School

 Q: What do you like best about the STEM Corps program?

A: I like the constant coding. I like it a lot. It’s kind of like a puzzle, where you can put all the pieces together and it turns into something.

Also, I have friends here. I really enjoy it.


Q: What are your thought about more young women learning how to code?

A: There should be more girls learning how to code. At school, there’s only one other girl in the tech program besides me. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating because it’s a male-dominated class. I recently met another girl and I’m encouraging her to stay in the program. Hopefully, she’ll be joining me in the STEM Corps program.

 Q: What accomplishments have you achieved in STEM Corps program? What are some of your goals in the program?

A: I am certified in Microsoft PowerPoint. My goal is to become a mentor after I complete a few projects I’m working on.

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