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STEM Corps Program Manual – Student

Student Roles, Commitments, and Responsibilities



Be open to the exposure and insight into the professional work world provided by the mentor.

Learn from the mentor and respect their time and commitment.

Develop a project plan including budget and timeline.

Track progress of project, communicating any challenges to get help.

Consider career choices and higher education



Project duration for a minimum of three months, but may take six months.

Attend weekly for a minimum of an hour and a half. 

Attendance is mandatory to be successful in this program. If you can not make it to a class, that’s ok, but you must notify the program director and your mentor. Two (2) missed sessions in a row without being excused from the program director will result in immediate withdrawal from the program for 90 days.

Notify your mentor anytime you are unable to attend class.

Research new information if required to complete the project.

Be available to mentor by phone or email outside of class sessions as needed to complete a project.

Be respectful to mentor and agency employees.



Take initiative in phoning or emailing mentor and/or client.

Follow through with commitments, and contact the mentor and CMG staff regarding any changes in plans.

Communicate the status of your project to your parents and invite them to any CMG events.

Communicate questions, concerns, changes immediately to mentor and/or program director.