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STEM Corps Program Manual – CMG Staff

CMG Staff Roles, Commitments, and Responsibilities

Considering that Computer Mentors Group (CMG) staff (many of whom are Alumni of the STEM Corps training program) may already be Information Technology (IT) or Marketing practitioners who have gained the technical skills necessary to transfer knowledge to their students in STEM Corps, the following roles and responsibilities are set forth prescribing interaction by staff mentors with students, parents, and CMG management.



As pertains to Beginning Teen Students, work in small ratios (3-5 students maximum per mentor) with a specific number of students who the Staff Mentor is responsible for supervising during their STEM Corps program.

Follow individual student progress in the STEM Corps program by monitoring students quiz and exam scores and following up on a student’s weekly progress report by strengthening students’ knowledge in areas where progress reporting indicates the student may be lacking.

Provide a student with exposure and insight into the professional work world.

Serves as a role model by demonstrating commitment and dependability.

Guide and encourage the student in career choices and higher education.



Coordinate mentor/student assignment and parent agreement.

Provide safe environment for mentors and students.

Facilitate communication with student and mentor.

Recruit and vet non-profit technology projects.

Provide technology tools for project and student incentives.

Provide discipline for students when necessary.



Assist student in setting and achieving goals relevant to industry and career exploration.

Follow through with time commitments as expected of staff  of Computer Mentors Group.

Assist assigned students in reviewing STEM Corps exam preparation materials, and be aware of student’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to technical hardware and software knowledge measured by STEM Corps curriculum.

Be available to the assigned students during each class session to answer questions and address concerns regarding STEM Corps curriculum, progress, and testing.

Contact the student and CMG staff regarding any changes in school, work, or living arrangements which might impact mentor’s ability to participate in the Teen Program.

Communicate immediately to your student, parent, and program director any changes (address, phone #, etc.) or the need to drop from the program.

Communicate questions, concerns, changes immediately to program director.

Provide weekly verbal and/or email update to program director.

Serve as Project Manager for the relevant project liaising between student, client, and program management.