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Improvement League Website by Evan

Evan has been a total rockstar in Computer Mentors STEM Corps web design tech track.  Evan keeps himself busy between his involvement with his high school marching band and STEM Corps.  The Improvement League is Evan’s second website.  He continues to work on his third website of the year, the Plant City MLK Festival.  Stay tuned!

If you are interested in having your website, mobile app idea, or video completed by a Computer Mentors student, be sure to submit a community project!

The Improvement League is 501c3 public charitable organization committed to identifying gaps in services in the east Hillsborough County area, assisting with finding funding, and securing the means to address identified community needs. The areas of Lincoln Park in the southeastern quadrant and Madison Park in the southwestern quadrant located in the City of Plant City, Florida have been targeted for the implementation of programs and services by the volunteers and members of this grassroots organization.

 Visit the Improvement League of Plant City website at ImprovementLeague.com


September 28, 2015