We are excited to announce the second edition of our Legacy Video Series honoring selected Hillsborough County leaders from the minority community.  This video series aims to recognize these local leaders through the use of modern technology so as to tell their stories in the digital age.

The second video of the series honors the life of Doris Ross Reddick, who made significant strides in the Hillsborough County School system as a teacher, author, and three-term school board member.  In 1992, Reddick became the first Black woman to serve on the Hillsborough County School Board and two years later was unanimously elected as chair and the first Black woman to serve in that capacity. She became the voice for children and minority businesses and under her leadership, annual minority business allocations rose from a meager $1,084 to millions. Ms. Reddick will be present for the viewing.

This Legacy Video Series was developed in partnership with Kerrick Williams Photography, Sula Too LLC (Ersula Odom-McLemore), and several youth participants of Computer Mentors Group (CMG).  Kerrick Williams’ staff trained and assisted CMG youth who were engaged at every step of the process and learned employable skills as well as a new appreciation for their community by working on these stories.

The Computer Mentors STEM Corps students who worked in this project are as follows:

Jeremiah Black

Antonio Wyche

Derek Delaosa

Kobe Pittman

Torrion Williams


These videos will be available for utilization by the Hillsborough County school district, by several Hillsborough County library branches and will be displayed online by CMG and other community sites.  Funding was provided by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners.



If you are interested in having your website, mobile app idea, or video completed by a Computer Mentors student, be sure to submit a community project!