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Improvement League Website by Evan

Evan has been a total rockstar in Computer Mentors STEM Corps web design tech track.  Evan keeps himself busy between his involvement with his high school marching band and STEM Corps....

XO Factor Website by David

David started at STEM Corps in August 2014 and demonstrated quick mastery of the Web Design tech track.  David also participated in our 2015 Teen Business Challenge, being a part...

Positive Spin Website by Teshaara

 Teshaara has been a part of Computer Mentors STEM Corps program since last Summer, as part of the Web Design team!  She was previously part of the web project,... Website, Summer

Quanee and Jolonae joined STEM Corps over the summer to learn how to create websites in the Web Design Tech Track.  They attended four days a week, four hours each... Website by Evan Ellis

Evan Ellis started at Computer Mentors STEM Corps program in 2014 and has already become certified and working on his second community project!  His first community project was done for...

Forever Free Mission Website by Kenny

Forever Free gives food and shares the message of God’s love with anyone in need including many families, single parents, and children. Every other Saturday at New Harmony Church and...

Website for All Sports Mentor Legacy by Kenny

  We certainly get how important mentoring is to our youth – and to the mentors.  At computer Mentors, we have been realizing and harnessing the power of positive influence for...

Girls R GEMS Website by Jonathan

  Imagine a world where teen pregnancy, self-mutilation, depression, low graduation rates, incarceration, low self-esteem and eating disorders in young girls no longer exist. Welcome to Girls Empowered Mentally for Success, Inc....