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American Now Citizenship App

If you are interested in having your website, mobile app idea, or video completed by a Computer Mentors student, be sure to submit a community project! The Plant City Dr. Martin...

American Now Demo, App by Kya

In nine short weeks, Kya Person, a student in Computer Mentors Summer STEM Corps Program, completed a demo app for American Now that helps people identify who to contact when they...

Timesheet App by Dennis Thicklin

Dennis Thicklin, a student in Computer Mentors STEM Corps Program, completed a Timesheet App as a community project. Dennis continues to be heavily involved in community projects at Computer...

Early Childhood Tracking Mobile App

  Early Childhood Council of Hillsborough County received a mobile website for parents of young children, an initiative led by Greg VanPelt. The site is optimized for mobile devices and allows...