Computer Mentors is partnering with Quicksilver Recycling Services to help save the world by recycling and reusing old mobile electronics.  In this new program just being launched as a partnership between the two organizations, we are allowing you to securely and responsibly recycle or reuse retired mobile devices.  The program also benefits our non-profit in that proceeds generated from this effort will be used to pursue our mission of bridging the technology divide and help launch kids into IT careers.

Recycling Bin

The program is simple:

  • Quicksilver will place a branded locked bin on wheels at your location designed for the secure collection of retired mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices include: Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, e-readers, laptops and cameras.
  • Mobile devices may be company owned or you may have your employees bring their personal devices in from home.
  • Quicksilver will schedule for regular pickups.
  • To protect your sensitive data, each mobile device’s memory will be removed and destroyed along with the device being factory reset on devices that are reused. Quicksilver will responsibly recycle those devices that are damaged or obsolete.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Recycling from Quicksilver along with a donation letter from Computer Mentors that can be used for tax deduction purposes.


“This is a great program that falls right in line with our mission of helping underprivileged youth through technology” said director Ralph Smith.


If interested, please contact us by email or phone to have a bin placed at your location. 


Quicksilver Recycling: (813) 886-1494