March – Director’s Message – 2017

March – Director’s Message – 2017

Save the Date – Computer Mentors 20th Anniversary Luncheon

On August 3rd 2017, Computer Mentors Group will celebrate its 20th year anniversary of service to the community. The celebration will be done in the form of a luncheon at the TPepin Hospitality Centre on the corner of 50th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Plans are now being made and sponsors are being sought for this momentous celebration.

As Founder and Director of Computer Mentors Group, it’s hard to believe that it has already been 20 years. We started out with the idea of “Bridging the Digital Divide” and making sure that all children and families have access to computer technology.

The organization, which began with 5 youth and myself in 1997, has now served more than 1,500 in its principal program for high school aged youth. Through that program alone, the organization has also provided roughly 700 computers into the homes of its participants. In addition, the organization has provided another 1387 computers through various other programs including Back-To-School and Christmas computer giveaway programs and adult computer training programs.

In preparation for the 20th year anniversary event, CMG will be reaching out to alumni, past and present volunteers and staff, as well as supporters to help celebrate the occasion. The theme of the event will be “Bridging the Digital Divide.”

Sponsorships are also available for the event. For more information, please contact me at or (813) 236-1191.

Thank you and regards,
Ralph Smith


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