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KidsCode – STEM standards through programming curriculum

KidsCode - STEM standards through programming curriculum

KidsCode – STEM standards through programming curriculum

What is KidsCode?

We are teaching middle-schoolers to write code.

We are offering a cutting edge curriculum to teach STEM through programming.  Our curriculum is designed for both in-school contracts and after school programs, and our differentiator is that we scaffold on new programming knowledge to apply STEM concepts to real-world applications.  These are the primary goals:

Fun, engaging way for students to meet S.T.E.M. requirements

Students learn the foundations of programming

Students learn to use programming for problem solving techniques and strategies

Students learn how to apply S.T.E.M. in real-world applications

Leads to increases in both math and language scores 


How do you reach these goals?

Our program is delivered in three phases over three semesters, each scaffolding on the last.

Scratch Programming – Using graphical programming tools like Scratch (hour of code), students are taught programming concepts

Web Development – Using programming methods to build a dynamic website to broadcast solutions to social problems that matter to students

Robotics – Using code to program robots


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