January – Director’s Message – 2017

January – Director’s Message – 2017

Happy New Year everyone,

And wow, this year is off to a very quick start!  In the first week of the year we received a call from Citi with the news of an agreement to host a recycling drive on our behalf within their local offices.  For the campaign, which began on January 17th, they are collecting mobile devices, phones, tablets, laptops.  The items are being collected in bins provided by our recycling partner Quicksilver Recycling.  Quicksilver will be handling data destruction to clear any memory on any of the devices we receive.  The timing is absolutely perfect, as we know that people are transitioning from some of their older devices into new devices received for Christmas.

Citi, as you may be aware, is one of my favorite supporters.  Of course I may be a little partial as Citi was my last employer prior to becoming full-time director for Computer Mentors, and is where I was employed when Computer Mentors began some 20 years ago. Citi is hosting the collection campaign in three (3) local Citi offices, making it available to all local Citi employees, and will run the campaign through the rest of the month.

If you are not a Citi employee but would still like to participate, we’d love to have you bring your items to our office on MLK Blvd.  Please reply to this email and you’ll be provided specific instructions.

L-R  Ralph Smith (CMG), Kristen Laramore (Citi), Jeremy Shirley (Citi), and Jim Lawler (Quicksilver)

L-R Ralph Smith (CMG), Kristen Laramore (Citi), Jeremy Shirley (Citi), and Jim Lawler (Quicksilver)


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