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Help Computer Mentors Provide 100 Computers to 7 Local Schools In Need

Help Computer Mentors Provide 100 Computers to 7 Local Schools In Need

Attention: Seven schools need your financial support to ensure students have access to computers while in school.  


Computer Mentors (CM) has launched a campaign to assist seven (7) public schools which are currently under the Florida Dept. of Education Improvement Plan.  We are seeking corporate and community sponsorship to purchase much-needed computers for these schools that are mostly located in the urban community.  The computers will be used to create computer labs or placed into classrooms to assist both students and teachers. 


Computer Mentors can make up to 100 computers available for the seven (7) schools.  In order to accomplish this without cost to the schools, we are asking for a $210 donation from the public and private sectors for each computer.  This will eliminate the cost of refurbishing and licensing that schools would be required to pay to the School District.

What a way to kick-off the new year by helping to make sure that students are getting off to a great start in life, which starts by getting a great education. 


Computer Mentors 5×7 – 7 Schools Flyer

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