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Computer Mentors is a nonprofit organization comprised of technology professionals who believe in the importance of technology education.  


Our goal is to build opportunity through expertise for the under-served youth of our community by establishing and building upon a fundamental skill-set covering programming, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and more; Computer Mentors gives its students the tools and talent they need to become savvy, self-starting achievers in a tech-centric world.  


Since 1997 Computer Mentors has been serving the Tampa area providing digital literacy workshops and technology tools to the community.   At this time, Computer Mentors has two programs, which run completely off of donations like yours: STEM Corps and Kids Code.

    Computer Mentors STEM Corps program engages high school students in the tech industry.  Students explore technology careers through volunteer speakers, the STEM Corps Curriculum, field trips, and internships.  The program accomplishes this through five phases.  




  In the first phase, students earn a Microsoft Office Certification.  Upon completion, if the student does not have their own personal computer, we provide them with one to encourage their success in the program.  In 2015, STEM Corps certified a record-breaking 64 high school students in Microsoft Office.  


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  In the second phase, students pick a technology track from Mobile App Development, Web Design, or Video Production.  Students study their track with a certified mentor to create their own personal portfolio item.  Depending on their tech track, students have the opportunity to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JAVA Fundamentals, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere.  




  In phase three students group up to work on community projects for local nonprofits and small businesses.  Students are creating websites, mobile apps, and videos to spread the good word of what other nonprofits are doing, using their new technology skills!  These projects go into the students’ portfolios to demonstrate their new-found abilities.  


In phase four students being mentoring their peers, gaining valuable experience in project management and communication.  We also find that teaching others is the best way to reinforce something you’ve learned.   Meanwhile, all of the students’ work they’ve put forth leads up to the final phase:  Internship.  In phase five our graduating high school seniors are placed into summer internships.  


Learn more at STEM-Corps.org

KidsCode - STEM standards through programming curriculum

    Computer Mentors Kids Code program reaches out to grades 4th through 8th, exposing them to technology they might not otherwise get an opportunity to try.  

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  Students learn coding concepts through a graphical user interface, piecing together strings of code to move characters around on a screen and create their own games.   Once they get the hang of programming logic, they tackle the hardware and software side of robotics, which then leads into programming drones.  




  This exciting and rapidly growing program is taking off!  Kids Code served 155 youth in 2015 alone – with even more projected for this year.  


Learn more at www.kids-code.org

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