Game Console Repair

Game Console Repair

Game Consoles, Phones, and Tablets are all computers too!

Participants in The Service-Learning Grant program are excited about a new learning opportunity that has recently been opened to us. The youth have been accustomed to working on desktops, laptop computers, the installation of software, and navigating the different Windows operating systems.


Here we are now repairing Xbox and PlayStation Gaming Consoles, tablets, and cellular phones. All of which are considered a necessity to most households. The hands-on training our young adults are receiving in the latest technology gives them the skills to focus on self-employment opportunities and make themselves marketable to businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

We are open to receiving donations of Gaming Consoles, Tablets, and Phones to continue learning on.

To coordinate a donation call our Skype line at 813-990-0206.


The Service-Learning Grant provides technology training, technology certification, job training, and job placement to young adults with prior involvement within the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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