We are running on the tax-deductible contributions of people like you – who appreciate the good work we are doing in the community and want to help us make a difference.

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Equipment Donations

Computer Mentors Group accepts computer equipment donations from the public. All donated equipment will be redistributed or re-cycled back into the community. CMG takes privacy seriously in regards to information that is contained on donated equipment.

Per our agreement with Microsoft Corporation, all systems will have their hard drives reformatted and new operating systems will be installed leaving virtually no trace of the previous owner and previous files. For those needing more rigorous data protection, certified data erasure is possible through our recycling partner.

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What We Can Accept

Desktop computers with Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or faster computer (Dual core or faster preferred)

Laptop computers. Must have wireless capability and be be capable of running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

Apple desktop and laptop computers

Flat panel monitors 17” or larger

Inkjet printers (Known working with sample test print page)

Laser printers for home or small office (Known working with sample test print page)

Miscellaneous computer parts. These can include loose hard drives, DVD-Rom drives, memory, and cables.


What We Can Not Accept

CRT monitors


Extra-large business printers


Donation drop-off and pickup available by appointment only. Please Contact Us to schedule an appointment.