Computer Mentors (TSL) and Operation Reveille

Operation Reveille

Computer Mentors (TSL) and Operation Reveille

On November 11, 2014 The bugle sounded in honor of all active and nonactive Veterans of Hillsborough county. As part of President Obama’s goal to end homelessness by 2015 Computer Mentors (TSL) participants contributed their time and energy to assist in the launch of the operation. Computer Mentors (TSL) contributed 50 computers to the occasion.

The participants assisted with picking up donated computers, refurbishing them by installing Windows operating system and Open Office. Computer Mentors (TSL) participants and staff personally went to each of the locations and set up the computer in all of the homes that were made available to the Veterans.

TSL participants had the opportunity to meet and talk with Veterans and General Garrett, as well as other influential community leaders who played a big part in making Operation Reveille a success!


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