Big Slate Summer of Programs Scheduled (2015)

Big Slate Summer of Programs Scheduled (2015)

Computer Mentors is planning a HUGE slate of summer programs this year.  We will host another STEM Corps High School Computer Summer Camp at our MLK location and have partnered with the City of Tampa Recreation Department to provide the KidsCode Program as a summer program for the first time.  Operating on the strength of a grant from the City of Tampa, almost 100 kids across Tampa and Hillsborough County will spend a portion of their summer learning to become computer programmers.  The program will run in the City of Tampa NFL YET Center at Jackson Heights, and seats for the program are still available at our main facility at 2802 E. MLK and at the South Shore Regional Library in Wimauma. 

KidsCode kids at Seminole Heights Library

The KidsCode program designed to teach elementary aged children and middle school students to code, students will learn the fundamentals of programming while doing storytelling, creating computer gadgets and games, and creating animations.  KidsCode uses a language called Scratch which was designed at MIT to teach children to program.  The language helps to remove some of the intimidation of syntax that is normally present in higher level computer programming languages.  Seats are still available for MLK classes, Monday through Wednesday from 3 to 5, and the Thursday class at the South Shore Regional Library from 4 to 6.  The program is being offered free of charge for participants.


STEM Corps group in Wimauma learning computer skills.

In addition CMG will host its annual Summer STEM Corps High School Camp.  Students enrolled will be treated to multiple field trips to various technology venues around Tampa, while earning computer certifications and completing technology projects.  Last year most of the 12 enrolled students were able to complete technology projects for other non-profit organizations which included a phone app, several websites, a couple of videos, and a graphic design brochure and flyer.  Students enrolled will spend eight (8) weeks participating in the program daily and will earn some great technology awards for completing the projects and the program.  To sign-up your high school aged youth, please visit our website at and click on the “Apply To STEM Corps” button.

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